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Buy & Sell Scrap Metal in Erie, Pennsylvania

Buy and sell scrap metal easily with service from Liberty Iron & Metal LLC of Erie, Pennsylvania. From scrap metal buying to metal testing, we offer complete service that saves you time, effort, and money. To schedule a pickup or for more information, call us at (814) 452-4549.

Scrap Metal Buying and Selling
Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free scrap metal buying or selling when you deal with us. To better serve you, we provide containerized services and will pick up your metal on an as-needed basis, when you contact us.

For industries that do not have containers, we provide drums and tailored boxes for your scrap metal. Mills and foundries that need repaired materials for their fill shops can get them from us with proof of certified analysis.

Metal Testing (On-Site)
Liberty Iron & Metal LLC helps ensure you receive the quality metal you need with analyses in our full lab. We also have a portable spectrometer for on-site testing, which saves us both time.

When we prepare metals, we analyze both incoming and outgoing materials to verify exactly what we have on hand. All of our scales are certified, which makes sure that weighing is accurate. For added safety, we submit materials to radiation detection.

Rubbish Hauling (Non-Hazardous)
Eliminate clutter from your property with our help. We provide containers for all types of industrial waste and non-hazardous materials. Depending on your needs, we can haul everything away on an as-needed basis or a regular schedule.

Other Services Offered:

• Waste Hauling
• Environmental Guidance Education
• Fundraising Programs
• Educational Recycling
• On-Site Commercial & Industrial Scrap Material Evaluations


Truck, Buy Scrap Metal in Erie, PA
All Ferrous Materials Accepted
• Autos
• Busheling
• Plate and Structural
• Sheet Iron
• Cast Iron
• Plate Scrap
• Appliances
• Motor Blocks
• Shredded Scrap
• Machinery
• Light Steel Cuttings/Busheling
• Steel Clippings


All Non Ferrous Materials Accepted

• Aluminum
     Borings and Turnings
     Irony Aluminum
• Brass
     Auto Radiators
     Borings and Turnings
     Red Brass
     Hard Brass
     Yellow Brass
• Copper
     No. 1 Copper
     No. 2 Copper
     Sheet Copper
     Insulated Wire
• Lead
     Auto Batteries
• Magnesium
• Nickel/Stainless and Hi Temp
• Zinc

Our scrap metal brokers and recyclers offer you an efficient way to eliminate metal throwaways.